Play Room is a collaborative exhibtion featuring the work of the following upcoming artists and illustrators, fresh from the MA Visual Arts at London's Camberwell College of Art. Please feel free to contact anyone here with any questions or inquires, in regards to the Play Room exhibition or their own indivdual art practice.

Bark in the Yard

Globetrotting Visual Communication Studio, Shop & Projects.

We are a visual communication studio specialized in print, interactive media, illustration,screen printing, graffiti, photography, typography, and identity, with a long-standing interest in street art, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and traveling.

website:------ ----

email address: --- -info*AT*barkintheyard*DOT*com

Elizabeth Barnett

Elizabeth Barnett is a is an artist and illustrator from Australia, currently living and working in London. Elizabeth specialises in printmaking, collage, book making and sewn works.

website:---------- (illustration)
---------------------_ (prints and painting)

email address:*AT*gmail*DOT*com

Ophelie Bernaud

Ophelie is a freelance illustrator from France . She is currently living in London. She has a degree in Illustration, and is currently studying for an MA. She is currently working on a series of serial killer portraits.

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email address
: ----opheliebernaud*AT*live*DOT*com

Joseph Beale

Joseph is currently studying an Illustration MA at Camberwell College of Arts, London. This year he has had a number of exhibitions, Osaka, in Japan at the g+concept gallery with You-Me Artists, and other shows individually or with the PlayRoom illustrators' collective. He uses fine-line pen and watercolour, coloured pencil or acrylics. His interests include wildlife and urban environments. Darkness and gothic as well as humour and social comment are common themes.

email address: joetheillustrator*AT*googlemail*DOT*com

Jenny Capon

Jenny Capon is a freelance artist and illustrator, studying for an MA in Illustration in London. She makes art work for both children and grown ups, using a combination of photography, hand drawing and painting.


email address: ----caponjenny*AT*hotmail*DOT*com

Aine Cassidy

Aine is an illustrator and designer from Ireland. Throughout all of her work, Aine tries to create a balance between hand made and digital methods. She incorporates collage and printmaking techniques and mixes media to build depth and texture in her work.


email address: ----info*AT*ainecassidy*DOT*com

Elli Chortara

Elli Chortara is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in London. Elli has studied Graphic Design (BA of Hons) in Athens, and has been working as a freelancer during the last three years. She is currently studying MA Illustration. Her work is a combination of different techniques generally using acrylics, ink, pen, lino and digital media.

email address: ----ellichort*AT*googlemail*DOT*com

Augustin Coll

Augustine Coll is a freelance illustrator from Barcelona. He currently lives in London, England.


Matthew Dale

Matthew is an Illustrator currently living in London. Having studied BA Drawing in Bristol he continued to work there for three years in the arts sector. More recently bringing commercial, childrens' and picture-book elements into his illustration, in addition to printmaking and fine art drawing.

email address
: ----mattdale*AT*hotmail*DOT*co*DOT*uk

Thomas Flintham

Thomas Flintham is a freelance illustrator. He currently lives in London, England. He has a BA (Hons) in fine art, and is currently studying an MA in Illustration. He produces art, illustrations and comics, working mainly with brush & ink, drawing pens, digital media and paint.


email address
: ----tommyflintham*AT*hotmail*DOT*com

Paul Giles

Paul investigates the modern take on romantic situations and the problems with love in today's society. He grew up artistically learning from graffiti artists as well as studying Contemporary Art and Design at BA. Illustration MA, insures that the influences are definitely not restricted to one art form or style and he will definitely be seen creating more than just illustrations in the future having previously worked on installation and film projects.

Email Address: pfg84*AT*hotmail*DOT*com

Stephanie Hadjipsaltis

Stephanie Hadjipsaltis is from Cyprus, studied Fine Art in London and is currently studying MA Book Arts. Her work explores themes from the everyday.

email address: ----hexe_witch*AT*hotmail*DOT*com

Jane Heinrichs

Jane Heinrichs is an illustrator and writer living in London. She recently had a children's book called "Magic at the Museum" published in Canada. Jane works primarily in ink and watercolour. She loves new paints, sharpened pencils, and sheets of pure white paper.


email address
: ----jane*AT*janeheinrichs*DOT*com

Gabriele Herzog

Gabriele Herzog is a freelance illustrator living in London and currently studying for an MA in illustration.

email address: ----info*AT*gabrieleherzog*DOT*co*DOT*uk

Sarojini Lewis

"I work in different disciplinaries, photography and book arts are part of work I'm making at the moment. The transitions of daily life in the public space and the private space are part of the context of my work. This particular work I'm showing in Dream Space is about the street were I lived in for twenty years of my life. All the neighbours have connections with each other and me.
Of every neighbour I took a picture and combined it with a recent memory or a memory from my childhood."

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email address: ----sarojini.lewis*AT*gmail*DOT*com

Mark Long

London based illustrator, loves to draw animals and people.
The above image is from a book of illustrated football chants.

website:--------- -

email address: ----mail*AT*marklongillustration*DOT*co*DOT*uk

Elizabeth Miller

Map-making aids our understanding of the environment in which we live. The concentric patterns of contours on landscape maps echo the patterns and shapes that occur constantly in the natural world, on the rings of a tree, or the ripples in water, for example. 'Sound Map' is an investigation into how the repetitive patterns in music, when draw up in the form of graphic score, produce patterns of a strikingly similar form, to the patterns found in nature.

email address: ----emiller_domrep*AT*hotmail*DOT*com

Kazuko Morishita

Kazuko Morishita is an illustrator born in Japan, working and living in London. Her recent work is influenced by medieval art, folk art and fairy tales. She works with water colours, pencil, ink and currently experimenting with the etching process.

email address: hello*AT*kazukomorishita*DOT*com

Yuki Nishimura

Yuki Nishimura is a Japanese artist, who is studying illustration in London. She often draws images for stories or poems. She is currently working on illustrations for a series of nonsense nursery rhymes.

email address: ----nouveau_riche21*AT*yahoo*DOT*co*DOT*jp

Arina Orlova

Arina Orlova, an illustrator and a visual artist currently based in London. Originally from Moscow she has a degree in graphic arts and is studying an MA in Illustration now. Her artworks are a combination of a digital media and expressive ink drawings.

website:-------- ---

email address: ----info*AT*aryaorlova*DOT*com

Jin Young Park

Jinyoung Park is from Korea. She has a BA(Hons) in fine art and photography, and is currently studying an MA in Book arts. She is aiming to create and explore interactive books that require sound, sight and touch to fully experience.

email address: ----bookarts.jin*AT*hotmail*DOT*com

Christina Putz

Christina is an illustrator, fashion and costume designer from Germany now living and working in London. For her work she is using a combination of different techniques and materials such as watercolour, pencil, ink and fabric collage in order to bring illustration and costume design together.

Paul Shinn

Paul Shinn is a freelance illustrator and designer. He is currently living in London, England. He has a BA (Hons) in Typography & Graphic Communication, and is currently studying for an MA in Illustration. He works using a combination of traditional hand-drawn methods and digital media, and his favourite colour is green.

email address: ----paul_shinn*AT*hotmail*DOT*com

Miriam Sugranyes

Miriam Sugranyes studied BA (Hons) Philosophy in Barcelona while she was working around the art field. She currently lives and illustrates in London, England.

email address: ----miriamsugranyes"AT"gmail"DOT"com

Ying Sun

The content of Ying's book especially deals with subjects that come from her dreams; The practice negotiates movement, interaction and space within the structure of the book and captures the motion of the different kinds of dreams.

email address: in.sun*AT*hotmail*DOT*com